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We love our coop. Got it a couple of years ago. Moved to a new home and it traveled well.

- Debora Salmon -


Let me tell you guys: this is my coop and it is amazing! We’ve had it since April 2022 and it has made our chickens happier, and easier to care for, and the coop looks so great just sitting in the yard! We move it once a week for the tractor life. This coop is worth 2x what they ask in my book!"

- Melanie Sherman -


I want to spread the word With Hurricane Ida I lost huge trees, and 4x4 posts that were cemented in the ground---But my CHICK CHICK coop did not move an inch!!! It withstood a ton of branches without a dent!!! The girls may not have enjoyed the action but they were safe! Thank you for making the best!!! Hope to see yall at Vintage Days!!

- Martha Dardenne -

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